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The Council - Updated by ajsandland
The Council - Updated
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The Council are a collective of individuals striving to make a difference in Eastern Erethar - A massive, sprawling empire that has stretched itself too far and thin across the known world, to the extent where the pillars that hold society together have started to fall apart. The Council's origins are ambiguous and unclear, however the organisation itself appears to come and go from the history pages, rising when needed in the face of crisis, then disappearing from the focus of the world in times of peace. Most commonly The Council are called upon whenever the Ahnys gather or appear in Erethar, for the Ahnys have a history as bloody as mankind's but are creatures composed entirely of Ether - the magical essence that occurs in giant, intangible bubbles, or Fields as they are more commonly known. This ethereal nature grants the Ahnys incredible power and unpredictability.

In times past, the head three Councilmen and Councilwomen act as the ruling body of the organisation, and are named the Grey, the White and the Black. The White represent the morally benevolent and advise course of action towards these goals whereas the Black are morally ambiguous, unafraid to spill blood to guide kingdoms towards the 'greater good'. The Grey, the neutral, consider both White and Black counsel and decide upon the most beneficial path. Not always an easy decision to make, The Grey often compromise to take a path not considered by their more extreme counterparts. The Council's core hierarchy poses many problems and has many flaws, however it's reputation and presence are undeniable, despite not being affiliated with any particular kingdom or faction, many will sway to the side of The Council in times of turmoil, when petty disputes are put aside to tackle the real problems and wars that threaten the world.

In recent history The Council has been quiet, and the public's view of The Council's actions varies from reverence to abhorrence, for the last time The Council was active in Eastern Erethar, the entire nation was drawn into a war with the Ahnys named the War of Supremacy. At the conclusion of the war, the last Grey Councilman, known only as Eulogy, committed a terrible deed that wiped an entire continent from the map and ravaged a newly-formed race of sentient beings, the Highrace. Thousands upon thousands lay dead, and for what purpose? The Ahnys had not invaded Eastern Erethar, nor had they killed it's people. The Ahnys had taken those wishing for a new start and took them to the West, and The Council had opposed them and gone to war. The details are lost to history and The Council vanished at the climax, those who survived Eulogy's massacre dispersing to their home nations far and wide. The Ahnys retreated into the wilds too, defeated but everliving.

Years has passed, and although the black robes and golden masks of the Ahnys are occasionally seen passing through the lands of Erethar, recently the number of sightings has started to rise. The robed figures rarely interact with the peoples of Eastern Erethar, and rarely did even during the war, but why would they return?

The Council however has risen again with new champions, but will it's new councilmen and councilwomen repeat the same mistakes of old?


Characters from The Council.

Left to Right:
Arastiar Orcanthis
Sanna Lentree
Mariatha Delive
Ciel Westerson
Syrlah Desol
Raellus 'Rael' Tullas
Alex Mooreton
Armast Bayorn
Laisel Murother
The Necromancer
Carden Blackwell
Dandros Ildren
Alain Miden
Lady Red
Landes Valewoen




Edit2: LOL EVERYTHING CONSISTENCY what is consistency what is life

Edit3: Too many characterssfsgdh

Edit4: Been a loooong time since I updated this
The Council - Sanna Lentree by ajsandland
The Council - Sanna Lentree

Sanna Lentree

            A young girl from the northern territories that befriends Eulogy. Sanna hails from the Split Cities in Cassenway – Civil unrest has led to the dividing of the capital Cassenway City into three contesting districts: Cassenway, Ancaster and Cambiel. Ancaster she considers home, however Sanna has little interest in the politics of who rules the capital and is more concerned with the sea-faring pillagers who hide in the mists just out of reach of the city walls. Brought up in the harsh climates of the north, Sanna is a skilled survivalist, with a knowledge both of the blade and of the land.



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Work in admin (thrilling) and in my spare time I paint, draw, do kickboxing and eat a lot.

I'm still learning the ropes, and I believe I can only get better!


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I haven't updated DA in MOTNHS. I'm no longer a subscriber either, woops.

I'm being made redundant and losing my job tomorrow, so I thought I better CHECK MY OPTIONS and DA commissions may be the way forward. What do I even need to do to set up commissions? Any help'd be appreciated
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